This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Service Request Management.

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Configuring approvals for SRDs and service requests

Configure approvals to make sure that the appropriate people review, approve, or reject Service Request Definitions (SRDs) and service requests. The default approval options in BMC Service Request Management are preconfigured in Approval Server. The approval server is shipped with Action Request System and must be installed on the same computer as Service Request Management.

To use the default approval options, use the settings in the Application Administration Console and in the SRD. We recommend that you do not configure anything in the approval server directly.


Do not modify or disable any of the default approval processes, rules, or chains. Doing so might break the functionality or cause unexpected behavior.

To obtain approval for an SRD before it is deployed, the Service Catalog Manager must set options on the Approvals tab while creating the SRD. If an SRD is modified after it has been approved, the SRD does not need to be approved again.

Before you begin

You must have the SRM Administrator permission to configure Service Request Management approvals.


Approval Chain is not supported for SRD approval.

To configure approvals for SRDs

1Determine whether to use the Approval Server to specify approvers for the SRD.Specifying the default behavior of SRDs
2Create individual and group approvers.Creating individual and group approvers
3(Optional) Set up approval processes.Setting up approval processes for your company
4(Level approval processes only) Create approval mappings.Creating approver mappings
5Set the approvers on the Approvals tab of the Service Request Definition form.Defining approvers for an SRD
6(Optional) Define the customer who approves the SRD.Defining SRD customer information
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