This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT.

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SLA progress bar in Smart IT

Using the Service Level Agreement (SLA) progress bar, you can monitor the progress of tickets or tasks against the applicable Service Level Agreements (SLAs), as defined in the Service Level Management Console. The SLA Progress bar appears at the top of the ticket or task, below the summary description.

The SLA bar displays the following colors: 

  • When SLA is breached, it is displayed in red.
  • When SLA is in warning condition, it is displayed in orange.
  • When SLA is not breached, it is displayed in green.
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Ticket or task status in the SLA progress bar

In most cases, when a ticket or task is moved to the In Progress state, the clock begins ticking against the SLA. As time against the SLA begins to accrue, the SLA progress bar fills from left to right and, as it progresses, it can change color from green to red. When the bar is green, the ticket or task is tracking well against the SLA; red tells you that an SLA threshold is approaching or that a threshold was breached; orange tells you that the ticket or task is in a warning state. The SLA bar movement stops when all the SLAs are paused or when all the SLAs are met. The text that is displayed at the right side of the bar gives information about the next SLA. 

The message to the left of the SLA progress bar shows the ticket's or task's status: In Progress, Pending, Resolved, and so on. The message to the right of the progress bar tells you how much time is remaining until the next SLA is due.

Multiple SLAs

If there are multiple service level agreements that apply to a ticket or task, the color of the SLA bar is displayed based on the worst case scenario. For example, if any of the previous SLA is breached, the SLA bar remains red for the remaining SLAs. The overall SLA bar color indicates the overall SLA status. If there are multiple SLAs, where some are in Pending status and some are in In Progress status, you can click on the milestone which opens a bar with information about the statuses of all SLAs. SLA bar stops moving when any of the exclude condition or stop condition is met for all the SLAs.

In Progressive Web Application screens, if there are multiple SLAs and they are in Pending status, the SLA bar shows that the ticket or task is in warning state. This behavior differs from Smart IT, where the color of the SLA bar is displayed based on the worst case scenario when multiple service level agreements apply to a ticket or task. 

SLA progress bar in Pending state

Depending on the needs of your system, some SLAs can be configured to pause the clock if the ticket or task is placed in the Pending state. Other pending tickets or tasks might keep the clock running. 

When you move a ticket or task to the Pending state, the system performs the following actions on the SLA progress bar:

  • Changes the status message to Pending.
  • If the SLA pauses the clock when it's put into a Pending state, it marks the SLA target as paused.
  • If multiple SLAs are associated with the ticket or task, some of which pause the clock while other keep the clock running, it shows you which SLAs are paused while continuing to count time against the SLAs that keep the clock running. 

Actions when you close or cancel a ticket or task

When you move a ticket or task to the Closed or Cancelled state, the system performs the following actions on the SLA progress bar:

  • The SLA bar disappears if the Status of the ticket or task is moved to Cancelled.
  • The SLA bar is stopped if the Status of the ticket or task is moved to Closed.
  • Updates the time remaining message to show how much time was left against the SLA when you closed or cancelled it. For example, if you needed to close the ticket by 2:00 p.m. and you close it at 1:40 p.m., the SLA progress bar shows that you closed the ticket 20 minutes early.

SLA calculation when BMC Service Level Management is not installed

If BMC Service Level Management is not installed on your system, the SLA progress bar calculates the amount of time until the ticket or task is due based on the ticket's or task's due date or target date. The due date of a ticket or task is populated with the Service Target calculation, while target date is provided by the user. 


If you are using a tablet, you can best view the SLA information in the landscape screen orientation.

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