This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT.

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Relating tickets to an existing asset

A user with asset admin or asset user permissions can relate tickets to an asset. Existing tickets which impact an asset can be related, and new related tickets can be created directly from the asset. For example, a service desk agent raises an incident about an email server that is down. Since this incident impacts the asset, the incident needs to be related to the asset. 

To relate a ticket to current asset

    1. From the Console menu, select Asset Console.
    2. Enter the search filters and click Search. From the search result, select the required asset.
    3. On the Related Items tab, click Relate Existing Item, and select the ticket type.
    4. Enter the search filters and click Search.
    5. Select the records that you want to relate to the asset.
    6. From Relationship type list, select relationship type.
    7. Click Save.
      The Relate items window is automatically closed and the Related items table is updated with the related items.

    1. On the Related Items tab, click Relate Existing Item.
    2. From Item Type, Select the related item type.
    3. Specify the search criteria and initiate the search.
      You must specify some search criteria, such as a company name, status value, or keyword. To search for all records, enter the % wildcard character.

    4. Select related items and specify the relationship type.
    5. Click Save.
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