This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.


To plan the BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT deployment, refer to the following topics:

StepActionAdditional information

Review information for Smart IT supported languages (locales).

2Review the known and corrected issues.

Review the Smart IT performance guidelines.

BMC has conducted analysis of various performance test results and provided performance benchmarking methodology and environment details. The recommendations from these tests are validated by the test results provided.

For complete information about the performance benchmarks and guidelines, see Performance and benchmarking Open link .

4Downloading the installation files

Download the artifacts required to perform the installation from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.

For more information, see Downloading the installation files Open link .


Licensing entitlements Open link

Review license entitlements for your product.
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