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Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT) provides the next-generation user experience for BMC Remedy IT Service Management (BMC Remedy ITSM). Basic BMC Remedy ITSM processes, such as creating tickets, viewing related items such as tickets, assets, or knowledge articles, and updating profile information are now easier and quicker. The Smart IT user interface reduces the steps involved in performing these tasks. It provides an intuitive, social, and mobile service desk experience that enables a more knowledgeable and collaborative workforce organized around IT roles, not modules. Administrators can tailor Smart IT to the specific business needs of the company.

Quick overview

Using Smart IT provides several benefits:

Fast and efficient ticket logging

Smart IT provides a single interface to create multiple ticket types such as incidents, work orders, change requests, or service requests. Ticket creation is faster with a limited number of required field values, because of the following features:

  • Automatic creation of a ticket as you take notes during a customer call

    The Smart Recorder enables you to take notes while talking to your customers. You can add the customer name, contact name, and affected assets by using special indicators in Smart Recorder, and the system provides a list of available options as you type your notes. Based on keywords in your notes, Smart IT starts to create the ticket in the background. After you finish taking your notes, you can create the ticket with the click of a single button.

  • Easy identification of users, related assets and incidents, and available templates while creating tickets

    When you take your notes while talking to a customer, use special characters, and Smart Recorder displays a list of customers or assets available in the system. You can select the appropriate customer or asset as you type, and these details are automatically displayed in the ticket that is created. Based on keywords in your notes, Smart Recorder displays a list of available templates to use when creating the ticket.

Information for quick ticket resolution

When you take notes in Smart Recorder, Smart IT uses keywords to display resources that you can use to resolve the ticket, such as a list of related knowledge articles.

Easy collaboration and knowledge sharing

Smart IT provides a chat application that enables you to communicate with other members of your team to get help or provide help in resolving a ticket. Create knowledge efficiently and collaboratively as part of the support role. When agents use Smart Recorder to record tickets, the system automatically searches for knowledge articles, making it easier for agents to use knowledge articles.

Mobile experience

Smart IT is available on mobile devices. The mobile applications have most of the same capabilities as the web interface, and also include a few mobile-optimized features for scanning and receiving assets.

Embedded self-help

The Self-help pane in Smart IT provides guided assistance, links to documents, and videos that help you understand the interface and perform various tasks.


When you click the Self-help pane, the Smart IT application connects to the Whatfix servers to display the guided assistance. Currently, the guided assistance is available only in English language. The Whatfix servers are operated by a third-party vendor Quicko TechnoSoft Labs Private Limited. Whatfix serves the content of the guided assistance but does not collect user or product transactional data. Similarly, Google Analytics does not collect user or product transactional data and collects only the usage statistics of the guided assistance.

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