This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Service Level Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.


Use dashboards to get a summarized view of agreement and service target information. Using dashboards, you can see the general health of your agreements and quickly find potential or existing problems with agreements and service targets. Two main dashboards are shipped with BMC Service Level Management (Service Level Management):

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Your administrator provides a link to the appropriate dashboard based on your role. To view dashboards on the web, you must have a compatible browser and a  AR System Flashboards license.

For more information about compatible browsers, see the Compatibility Matrix on the Product Availability and Compatibility page.


If you are not able to view the dashboards, ensure that the value of the flashboards.showgraphinflash parameter located in the file is set to 2. For more information, see Setting whether to display flashboards with HTML or Adobe Flash Open link .

Service Level Manager Dashboard

The Service Level Manager Dashboard contains the following tabs:

  • Compliance
  • SLM Trends
  • Service Targets
  • Business Services

The dashboard displays a navigation pane on the left, and a contents pane on the right. The navigation pane shows the same hierarchy as the Service Level Management Console. When you click a directory or subdirectory in the navigation pane, the data on the tabs relates to the agreements contained in the selected directory and all its subdirectories. If you select the Service Target tab after viewing the Compliance tab (and the reverse), the same directory is selected.


To display items in the selected directory only, clear the Yes check box next to Show Items In Subfolder. To search for folders, type a name or part of a name in the Find field and click Find. (The search is case sensitive)

The navigation pane is not available on the SLM Trends tab.


Consider the following scenario to understand how a service level manager can use a service level manager Dashboard:

A service provider has a contract with ABC Company to provide a number of services. The service level manager receives a phone call from ABC Company indicating that their business is impacted by a problem in the shipping department. 

The service level manager opens up the Service Level Manager Dashboard at the Compliance tab and selects ABC Company in the navigation pane. The Agreements table shows the agreements that exist for ABC Company; the service level manager searches for agreements that have a status of Breached. She selects a breached agreement and looks at the related service targets in the Related Service Targets table. One of these service targets has a status of Missed and she discovers it is the service target that monitors the response time of the Shipping Application. 

The service level manager then opens the Service Targets tab. ABC Company is still selected in the navigation pane, so only relevant service targets are displayed. The service level manager can check the current status of all the service targets in the Service Target Latest Status table. The service level manager selects the service target with a status of Warning and the measurement details of this service target appear in the Related Measurements table. 

The service level manager can see from the measurements in the Related Measurements table the date and time that the problem occurred. The service level manager can create an incident request to correct the problem and minimize the disruption for this key business.

Dashboard status icons

When you view dashboards on the web, icons indicate the status of a service target or agreement:

  • For service targets, a green check mark icon indicates that a service is met and is available for further action. A yellow or red icon indicates that a service was missed or unavailable.
  • For agreements, a green check mark icon indicates that an agreement is in compliance. A red and yellow icon indicates that the agreement is at risk or was breached and needs urgent attention.
IconService targetAgreement

OK, Met, or Available

In Compliance


At Risk

Alarm, Missed or UnavailableBreached

Goal-type definition updates are applied differently to different service target types. Updates to goal types for performance-monitoring, CI Outage, and availability service targets are not applied to service target measurements and dashboard displays. For request-based service targets, only new measurement records have goal type updates applied.

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