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Incident Management and Problem Management provide a set of interfaces that other applications can use to integrate with them. These interfaces include a set of AR System forms that provide the ability to define, query, and modify incidents. Additionally, web services interfaces are built on these forms to provide a mechanism to use web services to interact with Incident Management and Problem Management.

One design requirement for BMC Helix ITSM is that all applications and modules must provide defined interfaces for integration purposes. These interfaces abstract the third-party applications that integrate with the BMC Helix ITSM applications and modules. As a developer, you can use the web services listed below to integrate BMC Helix ITSM: Service Desk with custom applications.

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Use the Incident Management interface forms to:

  • Create or modify an incident
  • Query an incident or a list of incidents

When creating an incident, you can associate the incident to an existing CI and create a work information entry. You can also create a work information entry during an incident modification.

The following panel lists the available Incident Management SOAP web services.

Use the Problem Management interface forms to create or modify problem investigations or known errors. With these interface forms, you can also query a record or list of records associated with the following Problem Management subsystems. You can also add a work information entry at the time you create or modify any of these records. In the Solution module, you can also add keywords to a Solution record.

When using web services, you can query one record or a set of records from each subsystem.

The mappings on the PBM:ProblemInterface_Create form are shared among the Problem Management subsystems; therefore, be cautious about which keywords you send into the action field.

Following is a list of the web service functions available for Problem Management:

  • Submit (submit with work information, add a keyword)
  • Modify (modify with work information, add a keyword)
  • Query/Query List

The following panels list the available Problem investigation SOAP web services and Known Error SOAP web services.

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