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You use the Installation System to install and maintain most 

BMC AMI Cost products, BMC AMI Data for Db2 products, BMC AMI Data for IMS products, BMC AMI Ops products, and BMC AMI Security products
. After gathering information, the Installation System generates all of the jobs that you need to install your products.

Use the following task map as a quick reference for understanding the Installation System and completing an installation. For more information, use the links in the table below the figure or go to  Installation System .

ItemMore information
Installation projects

Installation projects

Conventions for using the Installation System

Conventions for using the Installation System

Naming conventions

Naming conventions



Review installation requirements

Review installation requirements

Define programs to CA ACF2

CA ACF2 usage

Obtain the Installation System

Obtaining the Installation System

Obtain the Installation System image

Methods for obtaining the Installation System image

Decompress the Installation System image

Decompressing the Installation System image

Start an installation

Starting an installation

Start the Installation System

Starting the Installation System

Prepare the installation repository

Preparing the Installation System repository

Define site-wide installation values

Defining or modifying site-wide default values

Create or select a project

Creating and selecting a project

Generate the installation jobs

Generating installation jobs

Select products to install

Selecting products to install

Specify information for SMP/E

Specifying SMP/E settings

Specify JCL for installation jobs

Specifying JCL values for generated installation jobs

Generate installation jobs

Generating the installation JCL

Generate the configuration jobs

Generating configuration jobs

Specify information for runtime data sets

Specifying runtime data set information

Specify configuration information

Specifying product configuration information

Specify JCL for configuration jobs

Specifying JCL values for generated configuration jobs

Generate configuration jobs

Generating the configuration JCL

Run the generated jobs

Running the generated jobs

Review generated jobs and files

Reviewing generated documentation members

Run the generated jobs

To run the generated jobs

Perform additional product-specific customization

Customizing after installation

Deploy products

Deploying products to other subsystems, LPARs, and sysplexes

Create a copy of the JCL library

Copying your JCL library

Modify INCLUDE members

Modifying INCLUDE members

Run the deployment jobs

Running the deployment jobs

Maintain products


Obtain maintenance

Task summary for applying maintenance

Perform SMP/E maintenance

Task summary for applying maintenance

Deploy maintenance

Deploying maintenance to BMC product runtime data sets

Manage projects

Managing projects

Manage product authorization


Using the BMC Installation System to install the R+/CHANGE ACCUM product generates a customized installation data set. This data set contains all jobs required to install R+/CHANGE ACCUM into your specific DB2 environment. One of these jobs is used to establish the default processing option values for the R+/CHANGE ACCUM online interface and the MODIFY ACCUM program. The member name is $C30DOPT.


R+/CHANGE ACCUM is installed automatically when you install BMC AMI Recover. However, to be operational, R+/CHANGE ACCUM requires its own password or a Recovery Management password.

The $C30DOPT member of the installation data set contains a job that assembles an options macro that establishes the installation values for R+/CHANGE ACCUM.

When you submit the generated job containing the installation options, it assembles and links this option macro call to create the ACA$OPT load module. This module resides in the APF-authorized library that you designated during installation. If you modify any of the values in the installation options after installing R+/CHANGE ACCUM, you must rerun the installation job for these changes to take effect.

The R+/CHANGE ACCUM batch program uses the BMC AMI Recover installation options module that is created during the installation of BMC AMI Recover.

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