Monitor types and attributes

An application class is a logical grouping of individual applications, while an application group is a logical grouping of application instances. Similar attributes are added to application classes and similar application classes are grouped under monitor types. On this page, we provide you information about the monitor types present in the knowledge module (KM). You can use this information to proactively resolve the issues before they occur.

The PATROL for Redis Monitoring contains the following monitor types that are segregated based on the components:

Service NameMonitor TypesDescription

Top-level containers and configuration

Redis (RIS)

Used to set up and configure the PATROL for Redis Monitoring.
Redis Server (RIS_SERVER)

Monitors the PATROL for Redis KM available status.


Acts as a container for node.
RIS NODE (RIS_NODE)A node refers to a single instance of Redis running as a server that can store data in memory and persist it to disk.

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