This documentation supports the 20.16.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

To view the latest or an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Viewing the number of relationships in CMDB

System administrators can get the number of relationships that exist among CMDB records.

  1. Click the Remedyforce CMDB tab.
  2. In the Instance Editor, click .
    A batch job is queued with Salesforce. To see the status of the job, navigate to Setup > Monitoring > Apex Jobs, and check the status of the CIRelCountUpdateBatch Apex class.


    If you have enabled the improved Setup user interface in your Salesforce organization, navigate to Setup > Jobs > Apex Jobs. For more information about the improved Setup user interface, see the Salesforce Help.

    After the batch job is run, refer to the Configuration Items with Relationships report for the number of relationships.
    This button is available for system administrators only.

  3. To view the report, perform the following actions:
    1. Click the Remedyforce Administration tab.
    2. On the Home page, click the Create Dashboards and Reports tile, and from the menu select Reports & Dashboards (Salesforce).
    3. On the Reports tab, from the Folders list, click the BMC Remedyforce Reports folder.
    4. In the Report Name column, click the Configuration Items with Relationships report.
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