This documentation supports the 20.16.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

To view the latest or an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Upgrading your discovery license

With the BMC Remedyforce Base license, you can discover devices in your network and network groups by installing scanners on limited devices. In the agentless discovery, you can evaluate performing CMDB actions on scanner devices. However, if you want to perform these actions and other enhanced capabilities on all discovered devices, you need the BMC Client Management Agent to be running on those devices. Such a functionality is available in the BMC Remedyforce Client Management Premium and Premium Plus licenses.

  1. If you have configured Remedyforce discovery, go to step 2. Else, perform the following actions:
    1. Navigate to Remedyforce Administration > Configure CMDB 2.0 > Discovery Setup & Configuration, and select the Enable BMC Remedyforce Discovery check box.
    2. Create a remote site by using the URL given on the Discovery Setup & Configuration page.
    3. To enable secured communication with the server, set up a password in the Enter Password and Confirm Password fields.
      Your username is the Salesforce organization ID of your Salesforce organization that is already displayed on the page.

      BMC recommends that you remember this password. You will need this password to install scanners.


    4. Click the Request Discovery Server button.
  2. Contact your BMC representative.
    You receive a notification from your BMC representative once your license is upgraded. 
  3. To confirm your license, go to Remedyforce Administration > Configure CMDB 2.0 > Discovery Setup & Configuration.
    License details are provided on the Scanner Roll-out tab.


    If you have already enabled and configured discovery and are upgrading your license, all the scanners and the scan and import configurations that you have configured in your organization are retained.

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