This documentation supports the 20.16.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

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Uninstalling scanners

The number of scanners that you can install depends upon the agent count which is driven by your discovery license. With limited number of agents, you might want to remove a device as scanner and use another device. Also, there might be a situation when a scanner device is becoming faulty very often. In such cases, uninstall agent from the device. Uninstalling a scanner decreases your Used count and increases the Available Agent / Scanner Entitlements section.

  1. On the scanner device, in a web browser, open the link to the scanner uninstaller executable file that is provided on the Scanner Roll-out tab on the Remedyforce Administration > Configure CMDB 2.0 > Discovery Setup & Configuration page.

  2. Enter your Salesforce organization ID as user name and Remedyforce Discovery Server password to download the uninstaller.
    The uninstaller is downloaded on your device.  
  3. Double-click the uninstaller and run the uninstallation.
    After 24 hours, the scanner is displayed in orange color on the Discovery Setup & Configuration page and the delete option is enabled.


    The delete option for a scanner is also enabled when the scanner does not communicate with the Remedyforce Discovery Server in 24 hours. No communication might happen if the agent service is down on the device.

  4. On the Remedyforce Administration > Configure CMDB 2.0 > Discovery Setup & Configuration page, go to the Scan Configurations tab.
  5. Click  for the scanner that you have uninstalled.
    Your available agent count is updated on the Scan Roll-out tab.

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