This documentation supports the 20.16.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

To view the latest or an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Disabling discovery

The Remedyforce discovery is disabled by default. However, if you enabled it and no longer require to discover device by using Remedyforce discovery, clear the Enable Remedyforce Discovery check box on the Remedyforce Administration > Configrue CMDB 2.0 > Discovery Setup & Configuration page. When you clear the check box, your Discovery Server is deleted after a predefined time passes.

At certain time intervals, you receive email messages about the days remaining in deleting the server. You can chose not to receive these email messages by selecting the Disable Discovery Server expiration warning email notifications check box.


When you disable discovery, you initiate the process to delete your Discovery Server. The Remedyforce Administrator will receive notifications of the approaching server deletion. Once the Discovery Server is deleted, you lose all discovery configurations and discover data stored on the Discovery Server. If you enable discovery again before the Discovery Server is deleted, your discovery configurations are available. However, if you enable discovery after the Discovery Server is deleted, you must reconfigure discovery.

The devices already imported to your Remedyforce CMDB are not deleted.

When you disable discovery, ensure that you delete the following remote site settings:

  • BMC_Remedyforce_Discovery_Prov_Server
  • BMC_Remedyforce_Discovery_Server

These remote site settings are created when you are enabling and configuring discovery. After disabling discovery, if you do not delete these remote site settings, these settings create conflicts when you reenable and reconfigure discovery.

Also, to avoid importing duplicate devices, select the Mark as Deleted field for the already discovered and imported devices in the Remedyforce CMDB before enabling and configuring discovery.


If you are disabling discovery in a Sandbox, the Discovery Server is deleted. However, in production organizations, the Discovery Server is not deleted. 


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