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Configuring Self Service for the web - BETA

This topic explains the settings that you need to perform as a system administrator to configure Self Service for the web (BETA).

Displaying the SelfSevice(Beta) tab

You can access a newer, faster, and more modern version of Self Service for web browsers - BETA from the SelfService(Beta) tab. You can assign this tab to users of a client profile such as ServiceDesk Client.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles.
  2. On the User Profiles page, click the required profile, for example, System Administrator.
  3. Click Object Settings.
  4. Click SelfService(Beta).
  5. Click Edit.
  6. In the Tab Settings section, select Default On.
  7. Click Save.


    Open the SelfService(Beta) tab in a new browser window. After you go to the SelfService(Beta) tab, you no longer have access to the other Remedyforce tabs. 

Additional settings

The following table lists the additional settings on the Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service tile that are supported in Self Service - BETA:


SubtileSupported settings
BannerDefault ticker speed
BrandingBanner: Application Tile
Common RequestsAll
Contact UsNone
General Self Service Settings
  • Knowledge articles have precedence over service requests in the layout
  • Show suggested knowledge articles and service requests based on client’s services
  • Submit Tickets/Requests On Behalf Of
  • Remedyforce Chat
IncidentsAllow clients to close their incidents
Quick LinksNone
SearchEnable display of popular or suggested Remedyforce knowledge articles on the Home tab and Self Service Search tab
Service Requests
  • Display service request definitions and incident templates together
  • On the Service Requests tab, when users select a category in the category tree
Ticket LayoutsAll
Tile Visibility and Order

Only the visibility of the following tiles is supported:

  • Submit a Ticket
  • Request a Service
  • View Self Help Articles
  • Manage Approvals
  • View in My Activity (View Tickets and Requests)

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