Use-case scenario: Creating a change request in BMC Remedyforce based on jobs in BMC Server Automation

Lucy, a BMC Server Automation operator, and Charlotte, a BMC Remedyforce administrator, want to create a change request in BMC Remedyforce for provisioning a new server.

  1. Charlotte creates an email listener in BMC Remedyforce and adds the ChangeRequestEmailListener out-of-the-box Apex class to the email service.
  2. In BMC Remedyforce, Charlotte creates a template named CreateBSAChange that contains Priority, Initiator ID, Change Category, Description, and Status fields for a change request form for creating a new change request from an email message. She follows steps 4 through 7 in Configuring BMC Server Automation to create change requests in BMC Remedyforce specifying the CreateBSAChange template in the cloned workflow.
  3. Lucy creates a job in the BMC Server Automation Console by performing the steps in Configuring jobs in BMC Server Automation Console.
  4. An email message is generated and sent to BMC Remedyforce and a change request record is created in BMC Remedyforce from the email message received.
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