Exploring BMC Remedyforce Self Service for the web - BETA

In the Summer 15 (20.15.03) release of BMC Remedyforce, a smarter and faster UI for Self Service has been added. You can access this Self Service UI by using the SelfService(Beta) tab.


This beta version is production quality, but has known limitations. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), BMC recommends that you access the Self Service - BETA tab in 10 or later.

For information about how to configure the Self Service - BETA, see Configuring Self Service for the web - BETA.

The following figure shows the Home page of the smarter Self Service - BETA.

You can assign the SelfService(Beta) tab to users of a client profile such as ServiceDesk Client. Clients can explore the functionalities provided in the BETA version.


Open the SelfService(Beta) tab in a new browser window. After you go to the SelfService(Beta) tab, you no longer have access to the other Remedyforce tabs. 

The following features are supported in the BETA version:

  • Submit a ticket
  • Request a service
  • View tickets and requests
  • View self-help articles
  • Chat with staff members
  • View broadcasts

In the My Activity section, tickets and service requests that you and others have submitted are shown in the form of a timeline. You can click a record to view its details and add comments to it. Your comments are shown as Client Notes in the Action History section of a record in the Remedyforce Console. The following figure shows the My Activity details.

The following features are not supported in the BETA version:

  • Post to Chatter
  • Link to update client profile (My Profile)
  • Approvals
  • Intranet search
  • Contact Us

The following table lists the known limitations in the supported features of the BETA version:

Submit a ticket
  • Fields of type Text Area (Rich) are not supported. Such fields are displayed as plain text fields.
  • Fields of type Picklist (Multi-Select) are not supported. Such fields are displayed as single select picklist fields.
  • Only three attachments can be uploaded when creating a ticket.
  • You cannot delete an attachment already uploaded with a ticket.
Request a service
  • Fields of type Text Area (Rich) are not supported. Such fields are displayed as plain text fields.
  • Fields of type Picklist (Multi-Select) are not supported. Such fields are displayed as single select picklist fields.
  • Only three attachments can be uploaded when creating a service request.
  • Validation criteria configured for an input field are not supported.
  • For conditional fields, only conditions configured with input fields of type Picklist or check box and "=" operator are supported.
  • To submit service requests, you must select the Mobile check box for the service request definitions.
  • A maximum of 200 categories or service request definitions can be displayed.
  • The Header section is not displayed. If a client tries to submit a service request by using a service request definition that is configured to show the Header section conditionally, the service request is not submitted.
View Tickets and Requests
  • Filtering of records by state and status is not available.
  • Searching for and copying a record are not supported.
  • You cannot edit a submitted ticket. However, you can close or reopen a ticket.
  • You cannot delete an attachment that is already uploaded with a service request.
View Self-Help Articles
  • A category hierarchy is not displayed. However, a list of all knowledge articles is displayed.
  • For all types of knowledge articles (FAQs, problem solutions, and so on), information is displayed under the Problem and Solution headers.
  • A maximum of 200 knowledge articles can be displayed. However, if you search for a knowledge article that is not displayed, your search results will show the missing knowledge articles.
  • Feedback and ratings for knowledge articles are not shown.
  • All knowledge articles (of different article types) have the same icon.
  • The fields that you configure to display in Self Service on the Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > Global Search page by clicking the Manage Record Type button are not displayed in Self Service - BETA.
  • On the Home page, only 50 records can be displayed in the Common Tickets, Common Service Requests, Suggested Self Help Articles, and Popular Self Help Articles sections.
  • The Broadcast bar is shown even if no broadcasts are being displayed.
  • The following options are always shown in the SelfService(Beta) tab:
    • Submit a Ticket
    • Request a Service
    • View Self Help Articles
    • My Activity

The following table lists the settings on the Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service tile that are supported in Self Service - BETA:

SubtileSupported settings
BannerDefault ticker speed
BrandingBanner: Application Tile
Common RequestsAll
Contact UsNone
General Self Service Settings
  • Knowledge articles have precedence over service requests in the layout
  • Show suggested knowledge articles and service requests based on client’s services
  • Submit Tickets/Requests On Behalf Of
  • Remedyforce Chat
IncidentsAllow clients to close their incidents
Quick LinksNone
SearchEnable display of popular or suggested Remedyforce knowledge articles on the Home tab and Self Service Search tab
Service Requests
  • Display service request definitions and incident templates together
  • On the Service Requests tab, when users select a category in the category tree
Ticket LayoutsAll
Tile Visibility and OrderNone

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