This documentation supports the 20.19.01 version of Remedyforce.

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Troubleshooting issues when updating incidents or tasks in bulk

This topic provides troubleshooting tips for the issues that you might face when closing tasks in bulk:



While updating the incidents or tasks in bulk using Pentaho, Data Loader, or Developer Console, and there is a rule set for one of the tasks, and if you try to update the second task, an error occurs.

Pentaho and Database Loader use Database class methods to update records, due to this functionality some of the records may not get updated as required.

To restrict the functionality, perform the following step:

  1. (Pentaho and Database Loader) On the Settings page, select 1 in the Batch Size field.
    The records get processed individually and get updated correctly. In case of failure, the failed records are displayed with the corresponding errors.


    (Pentaho only) You can select the Rollback all changes on error check box on the settings page to revert all the changes in case of any errors.

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