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Troubleshooting issues when integrating with BMC Discovery

The following table lists the issues that might occur when you integrate BMC Remedyforce with BMC Discovery, and the solution that you must apply to resolve the issue.



User is getting a Batch Failed error with the following error message:

Unable to read request: No content to map to Object due to end of input.

Ensure that the user whose credentials will be used to set up the CMDB synchronization connection has at minimum the following permissions:

  • Read and write permissions on the Base Element and Base Relationship objects.
  • Read and edit access on all the fields of Base Element and Base Relationship objects.

  • Read permission on the CMDB Class object. 

User is getting a Bad Request (400) error or Read Timed Out error.

Ensure the network filter is not blocking any communication between the BMC Discovery instance and Salesforce.

User is getting the following error.

You do not have access to the Apex class named: CMDBAPI

Ensure that the user whose credentials will be used to set up the CMDB synchronization connection has access to the BMCServiceDesk.CMDBAPI Apex class.

User is getting the Invalid Grant Type error.

Ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The user has access to the connected app in case the All users may self-authorizeoption is not selected under OAuth policies > Permitted Users in the connected app policies.
  • Login IP Ranges are defined for the user's profile in case the Relax IP restrictionsoption is not selected under OAuth policies > IP Relaxation in the connected app policies. To assign the IP range, edit the user profile and add the IP address which BMC Discovery instance will use to communicate with Salesforce.

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