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Troubleshooting issues when configuring surveys

This topic provides troubleshooting tips for the issues that you might face when configuring surveys:



The client is unable to submit survey responses.

Ensure that you have provided Read, Write, View, and Delete access to the Survey object on the SelfService Profile page.

The question is visible on the survey page but the input box for the question such as text box, list, or check box is not shown.

Ensure that you have made the question field visible in the Field-Level Security section of the SelfService Profile page:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Develop > Sites.
  2. In the Site Label column, click your Self Service site.
  3. Click Public Access Settings.
  4. In the Field-Level Security section, click Edit to configure the visibility of the question field.
  5. Click Save.

Not able to see the SelfService profile in the Setup > Manage Users > Profiles list.

The SelfService profile is not displayed on the User Profiles page. To see the SelfService profile, perform the following actions:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Develop > Sites.
  2. In the Site Label column, click your SelfService site.
  3. Click Public Access Settings.
    You can see the SelfService Profile page with the profile detail.

A survey question is added in the Help Text field, but it is not displayed on the Survey form.

On the Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > Surveys page, ensure that the Use Help Text values, not Field Label, as survey questions check box is selected.

Clients are not receiving email message with the survey link.

Ensure that the correct workflow is activated and the correct email template is linked with the workflow.

Clients are getting an error for a mandatory question while submitting a survey. However, there is no mandatory question available on the survey page.

Ensure that a question (field), which you mark as required, is added to the field set.

BMC recommends that you mark fields as required at the field set level and not at object level. For more information, see Marking a field as required in a survey.

When creating a slider type response question, more than ten options have been added as responses. However, in the preview, only ten of them can be seen.

The maximum number of options that can be shown on the survey page is ten. The first ten options are displayed.

For a slider type response question, the slider on the color bar cannot be seen.

The slider is displayed on the color bar only if you have selected a default answer for that question.

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