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Salesforce Shield - Platform Encryption

In today’s environment, security is at the top of everyone’s mind. Security breaches can be catastrophic. Salesforce recognizes this threat and has discovered that customers who need an additional layer of protection typically take a pragmatic but conservative approach to data protection in the cloud. These customers have the following requirements:

  • Encrypt sensitive data when it’s stored at rest in the Salesforce cloud.
  • Support customer-controlled encryption key lifecycles.
  • Preserve application and App Cloud functionality.

To meet the customers' requirements, Salesforce offers Platform Encryption as a part of Salesforce Shield Open link . With Platform Encryption, you can encrypt data at rest. Remedyforce supports Salesforce Platform Encryption. In contrast to Classic Encryption, which uses a custom field type in the Salesforce data model, Shield Platform Encryption allows you to encrypt standard fields, custom fields, and files. For more information, see the Salesforce Help. 

When data at rest is encrypted, preserving Salesforce functionality becomes a little difficult and there is a trade off between strong security and functionality. To balance security demands with customers’ functional requirement, Salesforce defined a set of principles that drove their decision around solution design and architecture. For more information about the principles of encryption design, see Shield Platform Encryption Architecture.


  • Platform Encryption is a part of Salesforce Shield and Salesforce Shield is an additional cost. However, you can purchase just Salesforce Platform Encryption from BMC.  Please reach out to your Sales Account Manager or Business Relationship Manager for details.
  • Deterministic encryption is not supported as of now.

For more information about using Salesforce Platform Encryption for Remedyforce, refer the following topics:

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