This documentation supports the 20.19.01 version of Remedyforce.

To view the latest or an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Enabling new features in 20.19.01

After upgrading to Winter 19, some of these features are available to all the users immediately; while for some features, system administrators would need to perform some configuration settings. For more information, see the following table. 


Available by default?

Configuration available?Opt in/Opt out for upgradePost upgrade steps required
Fresh installUpgrade

SLA report for viewing service target values

(tick)(tick)(tick)Opt in/Opt outFor more information, see General settings for Remedyforce and Accessing predefined reports.
Column filtering in Remedyforce Console(tick)(tick)NANAFor more information, see Filtering records in list views.
Column filtering in Remedyforce CMDB(tick)(tick)

For more information about column filtering, see Overview of the Remedyforce CMDB tab
CMDB enhanced user interface(tick)(tick)

Configuring ticket layouts for creating and viewing tickets

(tick)Opt in/Opt out

For more information, see Managing custom layouts for the Ticket form.

Alternative way of displaying broadcast(tick)(tick)(tick)Opt inFor more information to configure the setting, see Configuring banner settings.

Showing approval history details for pending approvals

(tick)Opt in/Opt out

For more information, see General settings for Self Service.

Showing approvals for only Remedyforce objects

(tick)Opt in/Opt out

For more information, see General settings for Self Service.

Enable record access from approval list

(tick)Opt in/Opt out

For more information, see General settings for Self Service.

Identifying the incident source as Self Service Mobile application

(tick)Opt in/Opt out

For more information, see Configuring settings for Self Service on Salesforce1 Mobile App.

Saving service request as draft

(tick)Opt in/Opt outFor more information, see Settings for service requests in Self Service.

Allowing multiple approval feature for the records

(tick)(tick)NANAFor more information, see 20.19.01 enhancements.

Badge assignments and badge sharing

(tick)(tick)NANAFor more information about badges, see Remedyforce Value Adoption Dashboard.
View organization performance against benchmarks(tick)(tick)

For more information about benchmarking, see Assessing your organization performance against benchmarks.

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