This documentation supports the 20.19.01 version of Remedyforce.

To view the latest or an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Editing multiple records

To be able to update multiple records for any of the modules, the Enable multi-record updates in list views check box for the required record console views must be selected in the Remedyforce Console tab settings. For more information, see Customizing the Remedyforce Console tab.

  1. Click the Remedyforce Console tab.
  2. From the View menu, select the required module.
  3. Select the check boxes for the records that you want to edit, and click Update.
    You can update only 200 records at the same time.

  4. From the Field list, select the field that you want to update for the selected records.
    Only the fields that are shown on the list view are available in the Field list. Fields of type Auto Number and Formula are not available in the Field list. If you do not have permission to edit any of the fields in the list view, the field is not available in the Field list.

  5. Enter or select a value for the selected field.
  6. Click Apply.
    You can update one field of multiple records at the same time.

  7. To update another field of multiple records, repeat step 4 to step 6.
  8. Click OK.


When you click Update to close multiple records on Remedyforce Console tab, if the error message appears for even a single record, none of the records are updated. You must correct the errors or remove the record and retry the update.


  • On the Update Multiple Records popup window, multiple values cannot be selected from the Field drop-down list.
  • Images cannot be added in the Rich Text Area field.
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