This documentation supports the 20.19.01 version of Remedyforce.

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Customizing Tickets and Requests list view

You can customize tickets and requests list view in Self Service 2.0, but not in Self Service 3.0. If you installed BMC Remedyforce Winter 17 (20.17.01), you get Self Service 3.0 in the Remedyforce Self Service tab. However, if you upgrade to BMC Remedyforce Winter 17, you continue to get Self Service 2.0 in the Remedyforce Self Service tab and also get the option to upgrade to Self Service 3.0.

As a system administrator, you can configure the columns to be displayed in View Tickets and Requests list view in Self Service. You can add or remove columns and define the display order of the columns.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects.
  2. In the Custom Objects page, click Incident.
  3. In the Field Sets section of the Incident object, click Edit in the Action column for the Self Service: View Tickets and Requests field set.
  4. From the object palette, drag-and-drop the required fields to the In the Field Set list. The RTF field cannot be added to the Field Set list.

    For example, to show the staff member or queue to which a ticket or service request is assigned, drag the Staff and Queue fields to the In the Field Set list. The Tickets and Requests list view displays all the fields that were added to the In the Field Set list irrespective of the field-level security. For example, if the Staff and Queue fields are added to the field set, the fields are available on the form even if the field-level security for the Staff and Queue fields is set to Hidden for Self Service Client profile.
    The order in which the custom fields appear in the Tickets and Requests list view depends on the order in which the custom fields are arranged In the Field Set list. You can rearrange the fields In the Field Set list by dragging the fields.
    When you add fields from a field set, these fields appear on the form in the order in which these fields appear in the field sets. As a system administrator, when you check for records of other users or accounts in Self Service, the Client ID field is added to the bottom of the list, even though the Client ID field is not added to the field set.
  5. Click Save.


    Search in the View Tickets and Requests list view, can search for fields of type Name, Email, Phone, Text, Text Area, Text Area (Long), and Text Area (Rich). However, fields of type Formula, Lookup, Rollup Summary, Number, and Date and Time are not searched. Also, the search operation matches beginning characters of a field. Therefore, ensure that you always provide correct beginning characters of the field value that you are searching. For example, you are searching for John but you enter ohn and search, the records that contain John are not displayed. However, if you search for John, the records containing John or Johnson are displayed.

The following video (2:02) explains how to add or remove columns from the Remedyforce Console tab.

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