This documentation supports the 20.19.01 version of Remedyforce.

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BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.19.01 patch 3 sandbox testing guidelines

BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.19.01 (Winter 19) Patch 3 contains a few defect fixes to improve the product quality. It is recommended that if you choose to self-upgrade, then first upgrade and test in your sandbox organization before pushing the 20.19.01 Patch 3 to your production organization.

This document provides testing recommendations related to defect fixes addressed in the BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.19.01 Patch 3 release. Note that these guidelines might not cover all customizations or configurations that are specific to your organization. Hence, it is recommended that this document be used as a reference for understanding the possible product areas which might have undergone changes. Partners and customers are expected to not limit their validations to the ones mentioned in this documentation. They should also execute their test suites to ensure all the use cases important to their business continue to work as expected.

For more information on the release details, refer to the BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.19.01 Patch 3 release notes.

For more information about the testing guidelines, refer to the following table:

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Product area / Feature Sub feature Recommended validation
Remedyforce Console

List view

Perform validation for the following areas:

  • Updating multiple records in a list view
  • Customizing a list view
  • Column filtering
Linking recordsPerform validation on cloning and linking records.
FormPerform validation on the additional information provided for a field.
AttachmentsPerform validation on attaching empty files to records.
Change requestPerform validation on updating and closing change requests to which multiple configuration items (CIs), assets, and records are linked.
BroadcastPerform validation on linking a broadcast to an incident based on user profiles and permission sets.
EmailPerform validation on the email feature by editing the email description from the Action History section of a record.
QuickViews and dashboardPerform validation on updating multiple and single records from QuickViews.
Activity feed and SmartView

Perform validation for the following areas:

  • Email address mentioned in the From, To, and CCfields.
  • Email attachments
  • Updating fields in SmartView
  • Validating lookup search in SmartView
Remedyforce Administration

Perform validation for the following areas:

  • Sequence of a queue displayed on the Manage Queue Availability tab.
  • Remedyforce Value Adoption Dashboard
  • Remedyforce benchmarking by linking and not linking to the DASH organization.
  • Milestone processing when users have restricted access to a service target object.
  • Direct links that are present in a template and service request definition.
  • Creating and updating a service level agreement (SLA).
  • Creating and updating lookup filters for encrypted and non-encrypted fields.
  • Creating and updating CMDB fulfilment criteria in service request definitions.
Remedyforce CMDBList ViewPerform validation on the advanced search filters of Remedyforce CMDB.
CI/Asset/ALL Class viewPerform validation on viewing all classes in a list, tree, and tile view when the Display in CMDB check box is cleared for some of the classes.
Self ServiceTickets and service requests

Perform validation on the following areas:

  • When creating and updating records, check the values of all fields, and URLs present in the User Instructions and other fields.
  • Attaching empty files to records.
  • Custom and OOTB validation messages.
  • Direct links for knowledge articles and service request definitions.
  • Value of the Resolution field.
Manage approvalPerform validation on the values of the Submitter field when an approval process includes single or multiple approvers.
Remedyforce ChatSelf Service and consolePerform validation to check if staff users receive messages from client users on Remedyforce Chat when staff users' status is set to Available , Offline , or Busy .
Smart SyncTemplates and CMDB instancesPerform validation on synchronization of templates that are mapped to multilevel CMDB services.
BMC Helix ChatbotService requestPerform validation on creating service requests out of Chatbot conversations.
EmailEmail conversationPerform validation on accessing records directly from the URLs or links provided in emails.

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