This documentation supports the 20.19.01 version of Remedyforce.

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Attachments in Remedyforce

In Remedyforce you can upload files from Salesforce Files or Attachment object depending on the administration settings.


You can attach up to 2 GB file size through Salesforce Files object and up to 25 MB file size through Attachment object.  

The following table provides information about the attachments uploaded through Salesforce Files and Attachment upload objects and the size limit for the attachments:


While sending an email from Activity Feed, if you attach multiple files having individual sizes more than 3 MB but less than 25 MB, then Salesforce converts those into respective HTML links. However, files lesser than 3 MB will remain as attachments.

Default upload objects for different organizations


  • For upgrade customers, by default Attachment object is available. However, the customer can select Salesforce Files object to upload files up to 2 GB.
  • For more information, see  Enabling uploading of attachments as Salesforce Files Open link
  • For new customers, by default Salesforce Files object is available. However, the customer can select Attachment object to upload attachments. 
  • The attachment size cannot exceed 25 MB.
  • Remedyforce will support the Salesforce Files object for attaching files up to 2 GB in the Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. However, Remedyforce will continue to support the Attachment object for Classic version and a mix of both File and Attachment objects as required by some organizations.
  • The Salesforce Files object is not supported in Self Service 2.0.

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