Viewing Service Health in Self Service

The Service Health tile in Self Service enables clients to view the health of each business service at a glance. These services are configured by the system administrator and linked with the client, client's account, or both. By default, on the Service Health tile, all available services are displayed. Your system administrator, change manager, or staff member must first create a service outage before you can view it on the Service Health tile in Self Service.

  • The Current tab displays all the services with their current status. The start date of all these services is less than the viewing date, that is, all the services for which the outage is going on are displayed on this tab.
  • The Future tab displays all services that have a planned maintenance occurring later than the viewing date.
    Services whose status is Available, are not displayed on the Future tab. A maximum of 250 services are displayed as tiles. The services can be filtered as per their outage status.

You can also search for services by service name. The search results display all services containing the search string in the service name. Search is performed only on services that are displayed in Service Health.

Each tile in Service Health represents a service with its name and description. The current outage status of the service is indicated by an icon. A specific icon and color is used to indicate the outage status of a service.


Note the following points about Service Health:

  • There is no auto-refresh feature in Service Health. If you want to see the latest status of the services, you must reload the Service Health page.
  • On clicking the Service Health tile in Self Service, if you do not see any services, the services might not be linked to a client or a client’s account. For this, contact your system administrator.

To see the health of services linked to your account, click the Service Health tile in Remedyforce Self Service. By default, all services are displayed. The following figure shows the health of all services:

To see the details of any service, click the name of the service. Select the Subscribe to updates check box if you want to receive email notifications for service outage updates. An update is sent only when an action is performed on the service outage record.

If you click the Show History button, a maximum of 1000 history records are displayed. The number of days for which the history is saved for a service depends on the configuration set by the system administrator. For example, if the system administrator has configured the number of days to save the history as five, a maximum of 1000 records that have been created during the past five days are displayed.

The following is an example of a degraded service:

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