Using Smart Suggestions in Self Service to create or edit tickets

When you are creating a ticket, based on the Smart Suggestions configurations set by the system administrator in Self Service 2.0, the Smart Suggestions pane may be displayed on the top right corner of the ticket form.

You can minimize the Smart Suggestions pane by clicking on the Smart Suggestions header. To maximize the Smart Suggestions pane, click the View Smart Suggestions  icon.

How results are displayed for Smart Suggestions in Self Service

The Smart Suggestions pane is displayed only for open tickets, and is not displayed for closed tickets. The smart suggestions are displayed based on the following values that you enter and select in the fields of the ticket form:

  • Choose a Category
  • Describe your issue

Based on the settings configured by your system administrator, suggestions for relevant broadcasts, self-help articles (self-help articles which are displayed are only Remedyforce knowledge articles), common tickets, and service requests might be displayed.

Scenario to create a ticket using Smart Suggestions

The following scenario provides an example of how a user creates a ticket from Self Service by using Smart Suggestions:

  1. Jackson, a manager from the product team, tries to log on to his webmail account and gets an error message that the service has been disabled by the system administrator.
  2. To report the issue to the service desk, Jackson logs on to Remedyforce Self Service 2.0 and opens the ticket form by clicking on the Submit a Ticket tile.
  3. On the ticket form, Jackson performs the following actions:
    • Selects the category in the Choose a Category list.
      Based on the selected category, if suggestions are available, the Smart Suggestions pane is displayed on the on the top right corner of the ticket form. The Smart Suggestions pane displays suggestions for broadcasts, self-help articles, and common tickets that might help Jackson in resolving the issue.
    • Enters text in the Describe your issue field.
      Based on the entered text to describe the issue, the results in the Smart Suggestions pane are refined.


      When you enter text in the Describe your issue field, the service requests are also displayed in the Smart Suggestions pane.

  4. Jackson browses the available records of the matching sections, and performs the following actions:
    • Jackson clicks on the Self Help Articles section and sees a self help articles which might be relevant. He clicks on it which opens the self help article on a new tab.
    • Jackson sees a relevant broadcast (Webmail service disabled), and clicks Submit a Ticket to link that broadcast to the ticket. 
  5. Jackson reviews the information on the ticket form and clicks Submit to create the ticket.

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