Resolving your issues by using BMC Remedyforce Chat

Remedyforce Chat enables you to chat with a staff member for assistance without having to leave the Self Service site.

Through a chat conversation, a staff member can provide the following assistance:

  • Answer your queries
  • Provide help with service request selections 
  • Share knowledge article links or help troubleshoot your issues by providing steps for resolution

Note the following important points about using BMC Remedyforce Chat:

  • Each time you initiate a chat, a staff member must create a new incident or link the chat to an existing incident.
  • You can send attachments to a staff member during a chat. To send an attachment, click .
    The size of an attachment cannot exceed 2 GB.

To initiate a chat with a staff member

  1. Click the Remedyforce Chat header to expand the chat window.
  2. If the Pre-Chat form is enabled, to start a chat, perform the following actions:

    1. From the Select a Category list, select the category that your query relates to.

    2. Enter your query in the Describe your issue field.

    3. Click Start chat.

  3. If the Pre-Chat form is not enabled you can start chatting after a staff member is available to chat.

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