Preparing for upgrade to CMDB 2.0

BMC recommends that you upgrade to CMDB 2.0 on a weekend or a holiday. The process takes a few hours, depending on the number of records in your CMDB.

Complete the following actions before beginning to upgrade to CMDB 2.0:

  • Take a backup of the data in your Salesforce organization.
  • Assign the Remedyforce Administrator permission set to your User Details page in Salesforce or update the field-level security permissions of the Base Element fields for your profile.
    For information about the fields added in the Base Element object, see Fields in the CI classes . Do not configure field-level security for the fields of the Base Element field set. For information about configuring field-level security, see
  • Disable the scheduled import jobs (if you have any) until CMDB 2.0 is upgraded.
  • Inform your users about the planned schedule of your CMDB 2.0 upgrade so that your users do not create, update, or link a CI record or import records during the upgrade. After you start upgrading to CMDB 2.0, your CMDB is locked and all the data added or updated during the upgrade is lost.
    Also, if BMC FootPrints Asset Core integration is enabled, do not link or unlink a record.

    The following table provides a list of customizations that might be present in your CMDB. If a customization is available in your CMDB, perform the action that is listed in the table.




    You have marked custom fields as required in CMDB classes (objects).

    Prepare a list of such fields. When you add these fields to the Base Element object, do not mark them as Required.

    How to handle required custom fields in CMDB 1.0 classes (objects)

    You have more than 500 custom fields.

    Confirm that you want all these fields

    You cannot add more than 500 custom fields to an object. If you have more than 500 custom fields, refer to the scan report to confirm that you want all these fields. For more information, see Overview of the CMDB scanning process.

    You have added custom values to out-of-the-box Picklist-type fields.

    Add these custom values to these Picklist-type fields manually.

    Not applicable

    You have set default values to custom Picklist-type fields or updated the default value of out-of-the-box Picklist-type fields

    Prepare a list of such fields and their default values

    After your data is migrated, manually assign these default values.

    You have created a Master-Detail Relationship where a CMDB object (except BMC Base Element) is a master.

    Prepare a list of such fields.

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