Performance Metrics for the Instance Editor and Relationship Editor forms

Click the Performance Metrics icon, in the upper-right section of the Instance Editor or the Relationship Editor forms, to display the performance metrics. The following performance metrics are displayed as a ToolTip:

  • Server Time—The time taken by the server to process a request.
  • Network Time—The time taken to complete the data transfer to the browser over the network. The accuracy of this value depends on the how closely your computer's clock is synchronized with the correct time for your time zone.
  • Page Render—The time taken by the browser to load all the data after receiving a response from the Salesforce server.


The unit of measurement is milliseconds.

If the time to open the Instance Editor or the Relationship Editor form is unusually long, you can use the performance metrics to identify the problem area. For example, if the Network Time metric is high and the Page Load metric is low, the problem is with your Internet connection, which is slow and is taking a long time to receive a request sent by the server.

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