Highlighting new and updated incidents and service requests in list views

In the Remedyforce Console, you can enable staff members to view new and updated records in the bold format and highlighted in different colors. For example, you can configure to show a new record in a shade of blue and updated records in a shade of orange color. An updated record is shown highlighted only to the staff member to whom the record is assigned. The highlighting appears only for records in open state when the Remedyforce Console list view is manually refreshed or it auto refreshes.

The following table summarizes the highlighting behavior for new and updated records, depending on the record assignment - if the record is assigned to a queue or staff member.

Record HighlightingAssigned to a queueAssigned to a staff member/owner

Shown highlighted to all users who have access to the record

Shown highlighted to all users who have access to the record

UpdatedNot shown highlighted to any queue memberShown highlighted only to the staff member to whom the record is assigned

For more information, refer to the following topics:

New records highlighting

An incident is treated as a new incident until a staff member performs any of the following action:

  • Changes the status of the record.
  • Selects Responded from the Actions menu.
  • Performs any action by selecting New Action from the Actions menu or More Actions from the Activity feed.

Highlighting is shown even if the New Incident field is not added to the list view.

An incident will be treated as new when the client adds a note for Self Service or sends an email related to that incident.

Updated records highlighting

A record is updated when a user other than the owner of the record performs an action on the record. For example, the client updates the description of the record, sends an email message, or adds a note to the record.

A record is updated (or shown highlighted) when another user performs the following actions. If the owner of the record performs these actions, highlighting is removed.

  • Save a record
  • Link a record to a broadcast
  • Change owner (record is shown highlighted to the selected user)
  • Reopen a record
  • Mark the record as responded
  • From the Actions menu, add a new action
  • Send an email message
  • Add a note
  • In the Incident Matching window, link another record as parent of the current record
  • Lock a record
  • From Activity Feed or SmartView, you add a note or send an email message
  • From Smart Suggestion, link another record as parent record

To remove highlighting of an updated record when it is opened by the staff member, enable automatic record locking. To enable record locking, on the Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > Console page, from the Record Locking list, select Automatic and set the time.

To highlight incidents and service requests in list views

  1. Navigate to Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > Consoles.
  2. On the Consoles page, from the Console View list, select Incidents or Service Requests.
  3. In the Highlighting of Records in List View section, to enable highlighting of new records, select Highlight New Records and to enable highlighting of records on which a new action is performed, select Highlight New Action.
  4. For both new records and actions, click and select a color in which the records are highlighted.
  5. Click Save .

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