Configuring Superbox for Self Service 3.0

You can configure the settings for the Superbox search to specify the order of the tab and how the search results are displayed. The following table lists the configurations that you can make.

To showConfigure
Combined results of service requests and common tickets under the Service Requests tab.Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service > Service Request > Display service request definitions and incident templates together
The Self Help Articles tab.Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service > Search > Enable display of popular or suggested Remedyforce knowledge articles on the Home tab and Self Service Search tab
The Self Help Articles tab as the first tab.Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service > General Self Service Settings > Knowledge articles have precedence over service requests in the layout
Only the selected common tickets in the Common Tickets tab.Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service > Common Requests

Records shown in the search result

Only those records are shown in tabs to which the client has an entitlement (account, profile, and permission set). For different tabs, records are shown based on the following conditions:

  • Service Request tab: Shows only those request definitions that are active and set as online.
  • Common Tickets tab: Shows only those templates that are active and selected under common requests.
  • Self Help Articles tab: Shows only those knowledge articles that have the Display in Self Service check box selected and the status as published. All record types as well as custom record types are supported.
  • Broadcasts tab: Shows only those broadcasts in the list that are active, available for the date range, and have the Display in Self Service check box selected.

Displaying rich text description for service requests in search results 

To display the Rich Text Format (RTF) description for service requests in search results, add the Description field of type Text Area (Rich) to the Self Service: Service Request Details fieldset of Request Definition object. Note that fieldset related configurations are not supported in Lightning Experience. To make fieldset related configurations, you must switch to the Classic view.

To add fields to the fieldset

  1. Click the Remedyforce Administration tab.
  2. On the Home page, click the Manage Objects > Create and Edit Objects.
  3. In the Object field, click All Custom Objects.
  4. On the Custom Objects page, search for Request Definition object and click it.
  5. Go to the Field Sets section and click Edit for Self Service: Service Request Detail.
  6. Select and drag the Description field of type Text Area (Rich) from the object palette and drop it to the In the Field Set list. You can also add the Description field for the plain text, but priority is given to the rich text field if it contains a value.
  7. Click Save.

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  1. Susanne Riis


    when searching... After the list of suggested Self help articles and list of suggested Service Request you put a new text and button saying : 'Didn't find what you are looking for?: Report an Issue'

    I didn't find this described any where, Where is it described? How can it be configured? e.g I would like a different link for the Service Request namely 'Request Service'.

    Sep 17, 2018 10:42
    1. Susanne Riis

      I think I found it now as 'Search result actions' at the end of this online help: note: we ourselves renamed the stand 'submit a ticket' to 'report an issue'.

      Sep 17, 2018 11:37
      1. Punam Saxena

        Hi Susanne Riis,

        You can also view the "Searching through Superbox" video provided at the following link to know all about this feature.

        Using Self Service 3.0



        Sep 18, 2018 04:06