Adding custom attributes to CIs in CMDB 1.0

This section is valid for you only if you are using CMDB 1.0. You are using CMDB 1.0 if you have upgraded to 20.14.01 or later but have not upgraded to CMDB 2.0. If you have installed 20.14.01 or later or you have upgraded to 20.14.01 and also upgraded to CMDB 2.0, to add a custom attribute to a configuration item, see Adding or removing fields on the Instance Editor in CMDB 2.0.

When you create a configuration item (CI), you can use custom attributes to record information about the CIs that are not available as out-of-the-box attributes. The following steps provide an overview of how to add custom attributes to a CI:

  1. Create the required custom fields for the CI class object. For more information, see Creating custom fields for a CI class object.
  2. Make the required custom fields available in the Instance Editor. For more information, see Making custom attributes available in the Instance Editor.
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