This documentation supports the 20.18.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

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Scheduling jobs to import data

On the BMC Communities website, the Pentaho packages for importing data from external data sources into BMC Remedyforce page contain a Scheduling Files folder. This folder contains a sample batch file that you can use as a base to create your batch files for scheduling data import. For more information about scheduling a job, see

  1. Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the Pentaho package for which you want to schedule import jobs.
  2. Open the Scheduling Files folder and create a copy of the sample batch file, such as SchedulingComputerSystem.bat.
  3. Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > TaskScheduler.
  4. In the Task Scheduler window, in the Actions area, click Create Basic Task.
  5. In the Create Basic Task Wizard, type the name and description of the task, and click Next.
  6. Select the appropriate option for starting the task, and click Next.
    For example, you can select Daily or When the computer starts as the option for starting the task.
  7. Configure the additional options for starting the task, and click Next.
    The additional options are displayed based on the option that you selected in step 7. For example, if you select the Daily option for starting the task, you must configure the start date and frequency at which you want to run the batch file.
  8. Select the Start a program radio button, and click Next.
  9. Click Browse to locate the batch file that you have created to schedule the job, and click Next.
  10. Select the Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish check box, and click Finish.

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