This documentation supports the 20.18.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

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Reporting an issue by using Chatter

When you have an issue that must be resolved, you can create incidents by using the Chatter tab provided in Self Service.

You must meet the following requirements before creating an incident by using the Chatter tab:

  • You must be able to access the Chatter tab from Self Service.
  • Chatter must be enabled in your Salesforce organization and BMC Remedyforce application. For more information about enabling Chatter, contact your system administrator.
  • The system administrator must configure at least one Chatter listener for a chatter group. For more information about configuring Chatter listeners, contact your system administrator.

When your system administrator configures a Chatter group to enable users to create tickets by creating a Chatter post, and publishes the list of keywords, the following message appears in the Chatter group:

If you use the following words beginning with "#" in your posts, tickets will automatically be created for you: ITHelp,Test, PrinterIssue
For example, I have issues #ITHelp, #Test, #PrinterIssue.

System administrators have the option to modify this message. Therefore, you might find a different post on a Chatter group. Ensure that you post to an appropriate group and that your post contains at least one appropriate hashtag, preceded by "#," as configured for the specific group. Hashtags are keywords that your system administrator configures for a group.

Consider the following points before creating an incident by using Chatter:

  • If multiple hashtags are configured for a group, an incident is created if any one of the hashtags matches the hashtag entered in the Chatter post.
  • If multiple hashtags are used in a Chatter post, the first hashtag is matched and is used for creating the incident.
  • The matching of hashtags is not case sensitive. For example, #NetworkIssues is same as #networkissues.
  • Chatter polls, user status updates, and comments are not monitored for hashtags.
  • Any comment on the original Chatter post is not updated in the incident.
  • You can follow the incident record and see the updates to the fields in your Chatter feed. Contact your system administrator to follow the updates made to the incident record and enable feed tracking for any field of the Incident object so that you see the updates to the fields in your Chatter feed.
  • There is a limit to the number of records that you can follow in your Salesforce organization. For more information, see Salesforce Help.

To report an issue by using Chatter

  1. Go to the Chatter tab.
  2. Type the message that you want to post.
    The message must contain at least one hashtag that is preceded by "#." For example, if Network is a hashtag that is configured for your group, you can post the following message:
    I have issues with #Network.
  3. In the To list, select A group.
  4. Type part of the group name, or select the group from the list.
  5. Click Share.
    For more information about how to attach a file or a link to a post, see Salesforce Help. You can attach only one file with the Chatter post.

When the hashtag in the Chatter post matches the hashtag configured in any of the Chatter listeners for that group, an incident is created. An automated response, which is configured by your system administrator, is added as a comment to the Chatter post. For example:

Incident #00028892 has been created. Here is the link to the record:

The original Chatter post is copied to the incident. The copied Chatter post appears in the Incident Chatter Feed and in your Chatter Feed. A staff member is able to see this Chatter post on the incident along with any links or attachments that were added in the original Chatter post.

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