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Recording same information in all service requests

If there is some information that you require clients to enter for all service requests, such as department number of client, use one of the following options:


Add input fields to capture the information to a service request definition (SRD).

Important: You have to repeat these steps for each SRD.

  1. Add input fields to an SRD.
  2. Map the values of these fields to template fields.

The mapping ensures that the values entered by client are recorded with the service request.

Add custom fields to the Incident and Request Detail objects.
  1. To capture the information, add custom fields to the Incident and Request Detail objects.
    For more information, see the Salesforce Help.
    Important: For BMC Remedyforce to populate the value of the Request Detail fields in the Incident custom fields, ensure that you use the same Field Name and data type when you add fields to the Request Details and Incident objects. 
  2. Add these fields to the Request Detail field sets.
  3. On the Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > Service Requests page, select the Populate the values of Request Detail custom fields in Incident custom fields check box.
    In some cases, BMC Remedyforce does not populate the custom field values in the service request in the Incident custom fields. For more information, see Scenarios in which Request Detail custom field values are not populated in Incident custom fields

BMC Remedyforce provides the following out-of-the-box field sets for the Request Detail object:

  • Service Request Left Panel: To add fields in the left panel of the Service Request form in the Self Service web browser (Remedyforce Self Service tab).
  • Service Request Right Panel: To add fields in the right panel of the Service Request form in the Self Service web browser.
  • Salesforce1 - Service Request Panel: To ensure that clients view the same set of fields in the Self Service web browser and the Salesforce1 mobile application, BMC recommends that the Salesforce1 - Service Request Panel field set contain all fields that are added to the other two field sets.

By default, no fields are assigned to these field sets. You can customize the Service Request form by adding custom fields to these field sets. When you add custom fields to the field sets, the custom fields are displayed on the Service Request form in the order in which these fields appear in the field sets.

When you create a custom field, it is available on each of the field sets that are to be added on the custom form.

Note: BMC Remedyforce applies default filter criteria to Lookup type fields in the out-of-the-box field sets in the Request Detail object. For more information, see Considerations for creating lookup filters for service request definitions.

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