This documentation supports the 20.15.02 version of BMC Remedyforce.

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Using Smart Suggestions to create or edit incidents

Based on the settings configured by your system administrator, suggestions for knowledge articles, broadcasts, and templates are displayed in the Remedyforce Console. The suggestions are displayed based on the values entered in the Category and Description fields of an incident record. Knowledge articles and broadcasts that a staff member selects from Smart Suggestions are linked to the incident only after the record is saved. Smart suggestions feature is not available for closed and inactive incident records.

In this scenario, a service desk staff member uses Smart Suggestions to create an incident:

  1. Jackson, a manager from the product team, sees that his laptop has crashed and will not restart. He calls the service desk and Emma answers the call.
  2. Emma opens a new incident form on the Remedyforce Console tab and selects Jackson as the client.
  3. Based on Jackson's issue, Emma enters text in the Description field of the incident.

    As Emma continues to type, suggestions for knowledge articles, broadcasts, and templates are displayed that might help Emma resolve the incident.
  4. Emma selects Hardware as the category for the incident and clicks to open the Smart Suggestion pane.
    The results in the smart suggestion pane are refined for knowledge articles, broadcasts, and  templates.
  5. From the list of templates in the suggestions, Emma selects a template and applies it to populate the field values for the incident form.
  6. Emma also sees a useful knowledge article about rebooting the crashed hard drive and chooses to copy the knowledge article text to the Resolution field.

  7. Emma reviews the information and clicks Save to create the incident.
    After the record is saved, the knowledge article is linked the incident record.

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