This documentation supports the 20.15.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu. Patch 1 for version 20.15.01

This topic contains information about fixes and updates in this patch and provides instructions for installing or upgrading to the patch.


For information about issues corrected in this patch, see Known and corrected issues.

Product update

In the Remedyforce Console list views, the search feature supports specific Lookup type fields. For more information about the supported Lookup type fields, see Searching for records in the list views. Custom Lookup type fields are not searched.

Installing the patch

For information about installing the patch, see Installing.


BMC will not schedule an automatic push of Patch 1 ( to all organizations on which BMC Remedyforce 20.15.01 is installed. You can upgrade your organization to Patch 1 of BMC Remedyforce 20.15.01 in one of the following ways:

  • Contact BMC Support to request for Patch 1 of BMC Remedyforce 20.15.01 to be pushed to your organization.
  • Self-upgrade by manually installing the BMC Remedyforce managed package that is available on Salesforce AppExchange.
    For more information, see Self-upgrading by installing the managed package.


The option to self-upgrade your organization is available only until the scheduled dates for the automatic upgrade of Patch 2 of BMC Remedyforce 20.15.01 by BMC. For more information, see Release schedules. For information about the upgrade options, see Overview of the self-upgrade and automatic upgrade processes.

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