This documentation space contains information about PATROL Agents when deployed in a BMC Helix Operations Management environment. If you are a TrueSight Operations Management user, see PATROL Agent 23.1 Open link

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Knowledge Module (KM)

A Knowledge Module (KM) is a set of files from which a PATROL Agent receives information about resources running on a monitored computer. A KM file can contain the actual instructions for monitoring objects or simply a list of KMs to load. KMs are loaded by a PATROL Agent.

KM configuration file

A file in which the characteristics of a KM are defined through KM menu commands during KM installation and setup. 

KM list

A list of KMs used by a PATROL Agent. 

Knowledge hierarchy

The rules by which objects inherit attributes or have attributes assigned to them. Properties and attributes of a customized instance override those defined for the class to which the instance belongs.

Load KMs

To load KM files into memory for execution. After configuration and during startup, the PATROL Agent loads the KM files that are listed in its configuration file and that reside on the PATROL Agent computer. 

Local history

The history of (the stored parameter values) for an object or instance. 

Local history retention period

The history (the stored parameter values) for an object or instance. 

Local level

The hierarchy level of a computer instance or an application instance. An object (instance) at the local level inherits properties and attributes that are defined globally. When properties and attributes are customized locally for an individual instance, they override inherited attributes.

Monitor type

Monitor type (also referred to as Application Classes) is the object class to which application instances belong. A monitor type is a way of classifying the data that is to be collected.

Monitoring profile

A monitoring profile is a profile to which the monitor types you want to enable are associated. Each solution contains multiple monitoring profiles and help to reduce unnecessary monitoring. Each monitoring profile is associated with a group of monitor types. The monitor types that belong to a profile are pre-determined. You cannot add or remove monitor types from a profile.

Monitoring solution

A monitoring solution is a pre-defined set of metrics that monitor the health and performance of a specific device or service. BMC monitoring solutions are composed of monitor types and attributes.

Object class

A data structure that defines a type of object. An object class can be a Basic Recorder of Objects in C (BAROClanguage data structure in the Knowledge Base of a cell. An object class is made up of data fields, called attributes (slots), that define its properties. 

Object icon

A graphical representation of a computer instance, application class, application instance, parameter, or container (folder).

Override a parameter

To disable or change the behavior of a local application parameter. The changes to the parameter are local to the managed system running the parameter and are stored in the agent configuration database. To override parameters, you must be granted specific permissions by an administrator through the PATROL User Roles file. 

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