CMRLDTL reload utility

You can use the CMRLDTL batch utility to load a VSAM data set with T6E records from one or more flat files.

The VSAM records can then be viewed with the MainView for CICS online services.

The CMRLDTL batch utility reads the input records, builds a master record, and writes the records to the output VSAM data set. The master record contains the date and time of the first and last record in the VSAM data set.

The CMRLDTL utility supports T6E record sizes up to 32K.

The CMRLDTL utility requirements are:

  • The input DD name must be FLATIN.

    FLATIN can refer to a single data set or concatenated data sets.

  • The input data set must be DSORG=PS.

  • The input data set can be output from CMRPURGE or IDCAMS REPRO.

  • The output VSAM data set must be empty and defined with the same attributes as the VSAM CMRDETL data set; do not seed the data set.

  • The output DD name must be VSAMOUT.

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