Supported services

This KM enables you to monitor the performance of the cloud environment and optimize the service level by using the following capabilities:

    • In-depth monitoring capabilities:
      With BMC PATROL for Microsoft Azure, you can monitor Microsoft Azure Services and collect performance and availability data by leveraging the data collection and monitoring capabilities of the PATROL Agent. You can monitor the following services:

      Application GatewayMonitors the performance of Azure application gateways of types Standard, Standard V2, WAF, and WAF V2. Provides information about connections, host count based on health, and so on. 
      App ServiceMonitors performance data like memory, CPU for app service, app service environment, and app service plans.
      App Service EnvironmentsMonitors App service environments.
      App Service PlansMonitors App service plans.


      Monitors the health of the BUS services, discovering the queues and topics instances, and monitor their messages related counters.
      ConnectionsMonitors the performance and availability of Azure connections. Provides information about VNet-to-VNet, site-to-site, and ExpressRoute connections.
      Cosmos DBMonitors key metrics of Cosmos DB like service availability, provisioned throughput, Mongo requests, data usage, and available storage.
      Data Lake AnalyticsMonitors the performance metrics of data lake analytics.
      DNS ZonesMonitors the performance metrics of DNS zones.
      FirewallsMonitors the Azure Firewall service metrics.
      Key VaultsMonitors the service API key metrics.
      KubernetesMonitors the Kubernetes cluster node and pod count and performance data like CPU and memory.
      Load BalancersMonitors the performance and data path availability of Azure load balancers. Provides information about new connections and traffic flow.
      Logic AppsMonitors the performance metrics of the connected user applications with the Azure Logic app service.

      Microsoft SQL Server and Database

      Monitors CPU utilization, database size percentage, number of deadlocks, and database throughput.
      Network InterfacesMonitors the performance metrics of Azure network interfaces.
      PostgreSQLMonitors the master and replication servers of PostgreSQL, reports on the status of the replication server, and collects performance key metrics. 
      Private DNS ZonesMonitors performance of private DNS zones.
      Public IP AddressMonitors performance metrics of public IP addresses.
      Storage AccountMonitors billable requests, total utilized ingress and egress and availability.
      Virtual MachineMonitors CPU, memory, disk, process, and host network usage.
      Virtual Machine Scale SetMonitors CPU, memory, disk, process, and network usage.
      Virtual Network Gateways

      Monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic through gateways of type VPN and ExpressRoute.

      Virtual Network LinksMonitors the performance metrics of the virtual network links.
      Virtual Networks

      Monitors the ping requests sent to destination virtual machines.

      Data Lake Store

      Monitors the data read, write requests, and storage.

      NAT Gateway

      Monitors the total connection, packet/packet drop count, and data path availability.

  • Improved visualization through automatic creation and maintenance of services topology construct views.
  • Configuring and monitoring Microsoft Azure services by using a unified console in BMC TrueSight and BMC Helix Operations Management.

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