What is Microsoft Azure monitor profile?

In TrueSight or BMC Helix Operations Managementmonitoring profiles are profiles to which the monitor types (application classes) you want to enable are associated. Each KM contains multiple monitoring profiles and help to reduce unnecessary monitoring. Each monitoring profile is associated with a group of monitor types. The monitor types that belong to a profile are pre-determined. You cannot add or remove monitor types from a profile.

The Microsoft Azure monitor profile contains the following monitor types. By default, these monitor types are also included for monitoring when you configure the Microsoft Azure for monitoring. 

Monitor typeConfiguration required?

Microsoft Azure

Yes. To configure Microsoft Azure, see Configuring the Microsoft Azure monitor profile.

  • Azure Account
  • Azure App
  • Azure App Service Environment
  • Azure App Service Environment Worker Pool
  • Azure App Service Plan
  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Bus
  • Azure Bus Queue
  • Azure Bus Topic
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Key Vaults
  • Azure Kubernetes
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure PostgreSQL
  • Azure PostgreSQL Replica
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure SQL Server
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Storage Account
  • Azure Storage Blob
  • Azure Storage Queue
  • Azure Storage Table
  • Azure Subscription
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure VM .NET CLR LocksAndThreads
  • Azure VM .NET CLR Memory
  • Azure VM .NET CLR Remoting
  • Azure VM Host Metrics
  • Azure VM Logical Disk
  • Azure VM Memory
  • Azure VM Network Interface
  • Azure VM Physical Disk
  • Azure VM Process
  • Azure VM Processor
  • Azure VM Processor Information
  • Azure VM Scale Set
  • Azure VM Scale Set Host Metrics
  • Azure VM Scale Set Instance Host Metrics
  • Azure VM Scale Set Instances
  • Azure VM Scale Sets
  • Azure VM System
  • Azure VM TCPv4
  • Azure VM Thread
  • Azure V2 Application Gateway

  • Azure WAF Application Gateway

  • Azure Standard Application Gateway

  • Azure Virtual Network Gateway

  • Azure Virtual Network Gateway Express Route

  • Azure Virtual Network

  • Azure Standard Load Balancer

  • Azure Basic Load Balancer

  • Azure Connection

No. You can directly start monitoring of the services when you configure the Microsoft Azure monitor type.

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