Edit Recovery Action dialog box

Use the Edit Recovery Action dialog box to configure recovery actions by type across the enterprise. You can apply changes to the initial recovery action configuration to a single instance, multiple instances, or every instance in the application class.

Items on this dialog box



Recovery Action

The name of the recovery action

Parameter Name

The parameter that is associated with the recovery action
The parameter is shown in the following format:
/application class/application class instance (optional)/parameter

Mode: Run Unattended

Specifies that the recovery action runs automatically

Mode: Run Attended

Specifies that PATROL prompts you before running the recovery action

Mode: Do Not Execute

Specifies that PATROL does not perform the recovery action

Suspend Recovery Action

Temporarily pauses the recovery action

When you resume the recovery action (by deselecting this check box) the previous recovery action settings take effect.

Attended Mode Dialog Timeout

When in Run Attended mode, specifies the amount of time PATROL waits for confirmation to run the recovery action

If confirmation is not provided within the allotted time, PATROL does not run the recovery action.


Amount of time that the parameter is in alarm before PATROL initiates this recovery action


Saves your changes


Closes the dialog box without saving any changes


Opens the PATROL for Linux help file

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