Configuring Linux Basic monitor profile

This topic provides you information about the monitor types available in the Linux Basic monitor profile.

The Linux Basic monitor profile enables you to monitor CPU, SMP, memory, network, and other monitor types. The following table lists the monitor types (or application classes) monitored by the monitor profile. By default, the KM loads all these monitor types.

Monitor typeConfiguration detailsMonitor type or Application class
FileSystemsConfiguring FileSystems

File Systems (NUK_FileSystem_Container)

FileSystem (NUK_FileSystem)

Linux KM ConfigurationConfiguring Linux Monitor ConfigurationNone
CPUNo configuration required.CPU (NUK_CPU)
Linux OSNo configuration required.NUK_Linux_OS (Linux_OS)
MemoryNo configuration required.Memory (NUK_Memory)
NetworkConfiguring networksNetwork Container (NUK_Network_Container)
ProcessorNo configuration required.Processor (NUK_SMP)
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