This topic describes how to troubleshoot issues for PATROL for Kubernetes.

Enabling KM debug

If you encounter certain problems using this KM, BMC Support might request that you enable KM debug.

Using TrueSight console/BMC Helix Operations Management

In KM configuration, select the Enable Logging check box to enable debug. You can select the level of logs by using the Log Level (FINE, FINER, FINEST) option. FINEST level logs each debug log record.

Note: If debug is disabled, the log file contains only warning level log records.

Using pconfig variables

  1. Access the /K8S/Clusters/<cluster_ name>/DEBUG pconfig variable
  2. Set this variable to 1 to enable the debug, and set to 0 to disable the debug.

The log files are located at <PATROL_HOME>/k8s/log location on the PATROL Agent server. The log file name is <PATROL Agent>-<port>-<cluster_name>k8sCollector.log.

Getting an exception while executing the api/v1/<any component> URL

Issue - You get the following exception when you run the URL for api/v1/<any component>.

Java.lang.Exception: RestERROR{..... "reason:Forbidden"}

Solution - Verify the Kubernetes Cluster Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system configuration. Ensure that you grant all the required permissions to the default service account. As a result, the service account must get bound to the Role of getting data from the resources of appropriate components.

Other issues

In the case of failures, check the annotation messages for errors, probable causes and possible corrective actions of the attributes in the same order as mentioned below. 

Monitor typeAttributes
Kubernetes (K8S)

Configuration Status

Kubernetes Cluster (K8S_CLUSTER)Monitoring Status
Kubernetes Cluster Node (K8S_NODE)Monitoring Status
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