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This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix ITSM: knowledge Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Converting articles from external file formats

Perform this procedure to convert knowledge articles from third-party applications to AR forms that can be used by Knowledge Management. The Article Conversion Tool supports the custom XML and HTML formats.

The following video provides information about converting third-party knowledge articles in Knowledge Management.

Though the video provides information about converting third party knowledge articles in Knowledge Management 8.1.01, the same information is applicable in this version.

Although the CSV option is available on the UI, the Article Conversion Tool does not support the conversion of articles from CSV format.

Before you begin

You must prepare a configuration file that will be used to manage the conversion task. For more information, see Creating a configuration file for conversions.

To convert knowledge articles from external file formats

  1. In the Knowledge Management Console, choose Functions > Article Conversion Tool.

  2. Click the New Conversion icon.
  3. In the Conversion Type field of the General tab, select the External File Format option.
  4. In the Article Format field, select the type of source file that your knowledge articles use. The following options are available:
    • Custom XML
    • HTML

    You can convert multiple articles at a time. However, the Conversion Utility tool supports converting one article per Custom XML file. If there are multiple articles in a single Custom XML file, you must first split each article into a single Custom XML file, and then proceed with the conversion.

  5. In the Path to Config File field, enter the absolute path (including the file name) to the file that you created earlier. 
    For more information, see Creating a configuration file for conversions.
  6. In the Full Path field, enter the absolute path to the source files of the knowledge articles that you want to convert.
  7. Under the Organization & Categorization tab, select the required value for the Company field.
  8. Go to the Run tab, and click Run to start the conversion.
  9. The conversion may take a while, depending on the number of articles that exist in the folder you specified.

    The Article Conversion Tool does indicate the progress of the conversion. You can retrieve progress information from the arjavaplugin.log file that is located in the InstallationDirectory\ARSystem\Arserver\Db directory.

    The following text indicates that the conversion is complete:

    ** Knowledge Article Conversion REPORT **
    There are types of Articles that were
    selected to transfer:
    There were 50 found for Migration
    Migrated successfully: 50
    Failed: 0
    ###############END REPORT##################


    To ensure that the results of the conversion job are saved to the arjavaplugin.log file, verify that the log level parameter in the log4j_pluginsvr.xml file is set to info, as follows:

    <logger additivity="true" name="com.Remedy.itsm.rkm">   
          <level value="info"/>

    If you manually update the log level parameter value value to info, you must restart the AR System Server for the change to take effect.

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