Use cases

As an administrator, you are responsible for ensuring that Kafka users can access the environment and get the information they request in a quick and timely manner. PATROL for Apache Kafka provides you with the metrics that depict a clear picture of the activity in the Kafka environment. These metrics help you decide whether the attributes in the environment need to be adjusted to meet the demands being made in the environment.

Consult the following use case for information on how to achieve value with PATROL for Apache Kafka:

The key performance metrics like consumer lag can help in troubleshooting the issues in the Kafka environment.

Consumer lag: Consumer lag indicates the lag between Kafka producers and consumers. If the rate of production of data far exceeds the rate at which it is getting consumed, consumer groups will exhibit lag.

As the broker stores data, it keeps a track of the last offset and records it as the log end offset. The data storage inside a Kafka broker is done through topics. Topics are divided into partitions and brokers store data in specific partitions. The key performance metrics like LogSize, CPU, and Memory, help to keep a check on the performance of a broker.

The cluster-level metrics like Global Topic Count and Partition Count help keeping a track of overall health at a cluster level.

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