PATROL for Apache Kafka overview

As an administrator, you must ensure that the infrastructure is always up and running with maximum efficiency. BMC Helix Operations Management and TrueSight Operations Management help you achieve this goal by providing tools to monitor your environment. You need to collect data about your environment to be able to understand its health. For example, you are monitoring Apache Kafka environment, to ensure that it is up and running all the time, you collect metrics that inform you about the health of your environment. By monitoring this information, you will be able to proactively resolve an issue even before it occurs.

PATROL Agent and knowledge modules (KMs) are used to collect data in BMC Helix Operations Management and TrueSight Operations Management. A KM is a data collector that also contains monitoring logic. PATROL Agent provides infrastructure to KMs to collect data.

The following image shows how PATROL Agent and KMs help BMC Helix Operations Management in collecting data for monitoring:

After you install KMs and PATROL Agent, you configure monitor policies. When these policies are enabled, data collection starts. The collected data is shown on the Devices page in BMC Helix Operations Management and TrueSight Operations Management.

PATROL for Apache Kafka enables you to monitor availability and performance of your Kafka environment. 

PATROL for Apache Kafka provides monitoring coverage for Apache Kafka systems. The KM checks the availability status of your clusters, topics, brokers, and consumer groups. 

With PATROL for Apache Kafka, you can ensure the availability of your business services that are deployed on Kafka. PATROL for Apache Kafka helps you to proactively identify and navigate through the lag information, which causes service outages in your business services, with minimal need for manual configuration. The proactive identification of the lag information helps you take the necessary and corrective measures to keep the business services up and running.

PATROL for Apache Kafka monitors the VM-based, container-based, and AWS-managed Kafka service environments.

Product roles

The main user role for the KM is Administrator. The following image shows your product goals:

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Data collection is a product goal for BMC Helix Operations Management and TrueSight Operations Management. For information about complete data collection and what you can do with the collected data, see BMC Helix Operations Management and TrueSight Operations Management documentation.

For information about the metadata of attributes that the KM collects, see Parameter Reference Database Open link .

BMC bundles all the KMs and PATROL Agent in a repository that is updated periodically in BHOM tenants. TrueSight Operations Management users can download it from the Electronic Product Distribution website. For more information about the list of KMs that BMC provides and other details about the repository, see Repository Open link .

To learn more about PATROL Agents, see PATROL Agent documentation. Separate documentation is available for PATROL Agent (which is applicable for TrueSight Operations Management) and PATROL Agent for BMC Helix Operations Management.

As an administrator, the documentation for PATROL for Apache Kafka helps you install the KM and configure it to start data collection. The following sections are recommended for you:

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