This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix ITSM.

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Setting up the IT content pack

The IT content pack is an out-of-the-box package of common IT services, such as ordering a new PC, creating a user account, providing guest WiFi access, and so on. The content pack contains BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog native services, foundation data, and supporting artifacts. 

Content pack data

The content pack includes various components that are required for the end-to-end resolution of a service request.
The foll
owing table lists the important components: 

BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog native services

Company dataPeople dataWork Order templatesOther supporting components
  • Fix or Repair
  • Order New PC
  • PC Refresh
  • Guest WiFi
  • Create User Account
  • Application Access Request
  • Company—Apex Global
  • Locations (region)—Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe
  • Organizations—Customer support and IT
  • Support groups—Access management, desktop systems support, information security, and service desk
  • Rina Takahashi
    • Member of support groups: Access Management, Desktop Systems Support, and Information Security
    • Approver for support groups: Information Security and Access Management 
  • Javier Santos
    • Member of support group: Service Desk 
  • Asuka Nakamora
    • Member of support groups: Access Management and Information Security
    • Approver for support groups: Access Management and Information Security
  • Isabella Portico—End user
  • Victor VP
    • VP of IT Operations
  • Application Access Request
  • Computer Refresh
  • Access Management Request
  • Order Computer 
  • Information Security Request
  • IT portal (A single pane of glass for end user's IT-related queries and requirements)
  • IT assets
  • Associations, such as IT asset association with people data
  • Assignment rules
  • Approval processes
  • Business services


When a database refresh process occurs, the IT Content Pack might get migrated from the development environment to the QA or production environments. You must manually disable the IT Content Pack-related data during a database refresh.

Before your begin

  • Ensure that you have requested the BMC Customer Support team to deploy the content pack.
  • Ensure that you assign the following licenses to the users in the content pack:


These licenses are required for license configuration (what you configure), and not for license entitlements (what you purchase). 

    • 3 Floating licenses
    • 1 Fixed license
    • 1 Read license
    • (Optional) 1 Fixed license if you want to create a new user account for system messages. 

Process for setting up the content pack

The following image shows the process of setting up the content pack: 

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