Disabling BMC Helix Logging

Use the instructions in this topic to disable BMC Helix Logging if you had enabled it while installing BMC Helix IT Operations Management version 23.4.00.

To disable BMC Helix Logging

  1. Back up logs from Kibana into a Microsoft Excel file.

    1. On the Kibana home page, click .
    2. In the Analytics area, click Discover .
    3. Use the filter to refine your search, and then click Refresh query .

    4. Save your search.
    5. Select Share > CSV Reports.

    6. Click Generate CSV.
      The system displays a similar message:

    7. When prompted, click Download report and save the report.
  2. Run the following commands to export the kubectl and Helm binary:

    export KUBECTL_BIN=<path of KUBECTL_BIN>
    export HELM_BIN=<path of HELM_BIN>

    Copy the path of KUBECTL_BIN and HELM_BIN from the infra.config file. For more information, see Configuration file settings.

  3. Download the efk-cleanup.sh script.
  4. Run the efk-cleanup.sh script to clean up the Elasticsearch, Fluent Bit, and Kibana (EFK) pods:

    ./efk-cleanup.sh <namespace>

    <namespace> is the namespace where you deployed BMC Helix IT Operations Management. 

    This script removes the Kubernetes objects such as EFK pods, PVCs, secrets, and so on.

  5. In the helix-on-prem-deployment-manager-<release_version>/ configs /deployment.config file, set the value of the parameter BMC_HELIX_LOGGING as no:
  6. In the helix-on-prem-deployment-manager/configs/bmc-helix-logging.config file, set the value of the parameter HELIX_LOGGER_DISABLE_STDOUT as false:
  7. Re-run the deployment manager:


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